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We are a furniture retailer in Seattle, WA. Our manufacturer from CA shipped items to us and Saia showed up unannounced. They would not release the shipment without a check. Now our inventory is slated for redelivery and we are forced to pay almost double of the original shipping cost (from CA), due to the redelivery charges associated. We are told that if we dispute the redelivery charge, our shipment will continue to be on hold indefinitely. Their manager, the only person who is authorized to waive this fee refuses to talk to us on the phone.

It is unreasonable to expect that our staff in our store would know exact dollar amount, and have a check ready without any prior indication. It is also unreasonable to expect that in a company, the person that is authorized to write checks, would also be the same person receiving inventory.

This is not about the redelivery fee but about principal. The fact that they refuse to admit fault, and their willingness to contribute to further delay of our shipment, speaks for itself. We ship and receive very frequently, rest assured I will never give another dime to this company again.

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our chemical supplier just dropped R&L trucking and picked up Saia.Big mistake so far 3 damaged shippments, 1 lost shippment.

And then we have called to ask how much the delivery will cost and Saia doesn't know!!WTH??


i work at saia and they treat their employees like ***. they are satans spawn. i am looking for another job.


"Furniture is not the most desireable freight so I imagine SAIA would be happy for you not to use their service again."

Are you a ***? Sounds like Saia is going to be a VERY happy company running everyone off. What's the most DESIRABLE freight you pinhead?


Obviously a bunch of dumba$$ Saia appologists on here.Saia will "review you as a customer and decide you're not a good one to have" ?!

That's a great attitude toward any potential customer in this economy.

What a bunch of arrogant idiots.No wonder your second rate company is tanking with your high school educated managment.


The fact that your shipment was shipped "driver collect" means you either have no credit with SAIA or you stiffed them before and they want their money upfront. The shipper must not have thought much of your credit either or they would have shipped pd. Furniture is not the most desireable freight so I imagine SAIA would be happy for you not to use their service again.


You are lucky they did not charge you a notification fee.You are responsible for telling your supplier to let the carrier know that you want to be notified prior to delivery.

As for the Reddaway guy, get your facts straight.

You guys used to be a huge presence around the country under different names. Guess who is going broke?

Guess who has closed terminals, been bought out, sold out?Union bas tards going down the tube.


when you ordered the freight didnt you expect it to show up. next time talk to the shipper and find out the cost of shipping and maybe find out what day its going to show up. lets recap: you order, they ship, delivery, costs money, did i miss something?


either you or the shipper has bad credit or no account with saia and your ignorance of the shipping contract cost you money. better luck next time loser!


Next time ship REDDAWAY.We'll work with ya :) .

I've worked for both companies. Laid off at Reddaway and reluctantly took a lower paying job with Saia. They are a 2nd rate LTL trucking company. Have people in Managerial positions who haven't a clue what it takes to run a trucking company and all that it entails.

Customer Service?Non Existant


You sound like the poor victim.If you had decent credit SAIA would not have demanded payment upon delivery.

Furniture retailers are some of the worse at paying their freight bills on time.I bet SAIA isn't the only carrier in your area that requires a check upon delivery.

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