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When I started working for Saia I use to be proud to tell someone that I drive for Saia but since they rolled out the New in cab camera system it's been everything but a great company to work for believe me I definitely understand safety but when you roll out New policies I feel that you should give drivers time to get use to them and not just suspend a driver when he or she has not been given a chance to adapt getting use to new company changes don't happen because of Saia strick camera policy when continue to loose not good but great drivers when a Saia driver that's given a company 15 or more year of there live and you put them on 36 months probation and you tell the driver that if he or she has any more mistakes it's going to be be disiton time in other words were going to have to let you go believe us as drivers we do understand safety is Saia our #1 goal but lately it's been bad no one wants to come work for Saia and the drivers that we loose other lol companies or glad to have not saying that we shouldn't have safety is Saia # 1 goal for there drivers Saia should really take a look at it's in cab camera program before they loose to many more good drivers other trucking companies also have the cameras in cab some that Saia drivers or going to work for so my hope for this message is for someone with the authority to look at this situation and let's work together and make Saia and it's drivers and customers #1

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21 years at Saia with 2.5 million accident free miles. 2 vids of me holding my phone and they threaten dismissal.

Johnny Paycheck said it best. UPS is hiring.

SEEYA SAIA. Use your driver facing cams as a suppository.

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