Saia is the worst trucking company we have had to deal with. They never deliver on time and we when call to inquire about the shipment, they say either it was delivered (which it was not) or that they attempted to deliver.

Usually, when a delivery is attempted, there will be a note left indicating such. Maybe the drivers can't write or read and if that is the case, how are they able to have a drivers license?

Every time we are expecting a deliver from SAIA, there is a problem and the delivery is late. Payment is made in advance for the delivery so they can't use the excuse of $ not being released.

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saia gives a 4 hour window at least they did at the *** hole breakbulk terminal. you should count yourself lucky to have your freight in one piece! they are the worse carrier in business, falsify damage and reshrink wrap your frt and say it is a shipper load and count when they 1) aether stole your product or 2) repack it to cover the damages they caused

to ex employee #784592



If you worked for saia more then a year you're a liar. jerks like you are the problem in any company.


nacosta, are you aware that SAIA used to be owned by Yellow as well. I actually make more on unemployment than I did busting my *** for that shithole company.

you operate on a shoestring budget. can't even afford to purchase rope to tie in your customers freight.

I had to supply my own Etrack straps so I could secure MY customers freight in. Trust me Bubba, Saia Sucks


REDDAWAY is part of the YRC family and wont be able to stay in business much longer because of lazy drivers and high union contracts that have sucked the blood out of the company. Good luck turning your freight to them.


In the delivery business, we have a thing that is called a door knocker. It is a calling card that we delivery drivers have in our trucks, that we fill out and hang on our customers doors when we make a delivery attempt.

Indicating time/date and pro # of such attempt and info on what you need to do or contact to redeliver. I even go as far as asking your neighbor if they know you, and if they wouldn't mind accepting your package and signing my bills, to further aleviate any inconvience to you(Our Customer). My Breif employment at Saia( my choice, not theirs)Management would not allow me to do this practice. Causing a delay in your delivery,and tying up as many as three delivery attempts before they return to shipper.

I speak from first hand experience.

SAIA SUCKS. Next time ship REDDAWAY :)


yeah i had all those problems withinthe Seattle area. why dont they leave notice with our customers that they attempted to deliver?

so you can never argue with them, it's their word against yours. no win situation.

we quit with them after being told we were on their "naughty" list. but we always paid our bills on time.

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