This freight company is a complete joke. I work for a very large supply co.

and we use Saia (for now) and I cant tell you how sloppy and poor the treatment of the material they handle really is. This company sucks big time. I am trying to make the switch over to a more reputable co. because Saia SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I highly reccomend anyone to never use Saia.

PS This will not post until I submit 100 words so being that this co. sucks so bad and really isnt worth it I have to ramble about it just to post.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #726642

The company is not the problem its the people they which is the terminal managers the assistant terminal managers and their first line supervisors and office managers. The company has had great employees but if you work hard and care.

There are some supervisors who for some unfound reason hate for people to over achieve and be succesful and move up the chain of command and instill and inspire the new hourly employees. That is how its supposed to work but for some unknown reason they hire managers and inept supervisors from other failed freight companies. There used to be so much work and so much comrodarie in this buisness but to put it blantantly. The management puts these inept people to run the operation and its seems that the less that they do the better.

All they do is make sure everything is being run by the dockworkers and put so much responsiblity on them that they really are the ones that are moving the buisness. They should promote from within and not just promote on frienship or manners of being and respect the individual for his work and his committment to the employer. What these supervisors do it they walk around and have their own agenda to move up or to do as little as possible and not have to take the blame if anything goes wrong. Now with that said what they do is walk around and start rumors on the guys that work hard and do the best work so that they wont move up and take a one of their jobs.

They also go around and harass the females in the office and start rumors on them and scare them from their good coworkers. They go around and try to alienate everyone and keep them from acheiving or doing their jobs and frustrating and sabotaging the employees. They dont have any idea of how the economy works. This is been happening for a long time.

The top of the management cant police everyone. They have to have employee evaluations and supervisor evaluations from the terminal managers and down to the first line supervisors. They have to also get rid of the workers who are causing problems and also causing wrecks with other employees. YOU KNOW WHO IM TALKING ABOUT.

One good example is in Dallas where there was this employee whose name was Chris Neville he didnt want the responsibility and wanted a cushy job to do with as little as possible responsibility in case something went wrong and he wouldnt be blamed or help againg responsible. He caused such a mess with outright lies and rumors about anyone and everyone that he felt was a threat to his cushy job. He destroyed many a career and probably unjustly caused the firing of really good employees and supervisors. This fat hog is one of those jealous people who think they are better than everyone else and there is one of them in each every company that you can think of.

These type of people are the ones responsible for this past recession and the losses of employment because they make buisnesses miserable and destroy the moral of the company for what for an easy job they just want to show up do as little as possible and go mingle with the coworkers. Manager have to give these people more responsibility and keep them busy and working for them not to hurt companies and employees ever again.

These type of people spread the I dont care about the freight attitude I get paid by the hour and go home. People used to love going to work even if it was difficult but people like Chris Neville dont want you to succeed and have some pride about what you do.


Saia is the worst!!!! One lie after another as to why they cannot show up!!!! If you need them to do a pick up and be delivered on time....forget it use anyone else by SAIA


grow up loser


You're probably a bitter competitor. This website is for real consumers with legitimate complaints.

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