I ordered a mower to be delivered by Saia. I was scheduled five different times, and each time Saia was a no show.

At one point they did not even know where my mower was. Not only do they not show up as promised, they don't care enough to even call to let you know. This is the worst customer service I've ever seen in my 42 years. I'll be getting the law involved.

As far as I'm concerned, they stole $1,000 from me.

Can you say FELONY THEFT? This is a *** poor excuse for a company, and I will stay on Home Depot until they fire Saia as a vendor.

Review about: Saia Customer Care.

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Manhattan, New York, United States #806248

Lost, damaged or stolen. Saia pays claims to the shipper.

I know when you were little your mom held you, looked into your eyes and told you you were special. BUT YOUR NOT. Expecting Saia to call every shimpent to let you know if its coming or not coming is ***. NO ONE ELSE CALLES.


We give delivery WINDOWS not exact times. Home Depot uses Estes Truck Lines and the only reason that service is so good is because Home Depot is the only thing keeping Estes alive.


first and foremost they wont fire saia, i watched as employees and supervisors backed uo their cars and filled it with items from meijers, lowes, sears, and I can go on and on. whole shipments of computers GONE!!!

video GAMES!! GONE!1

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